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Visit us and support Animal Protection: Animal Protection Blog

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Breathtaking Planet Earth Satu (by San Diego Zoo Global) via Tumblr

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Ocean acidification due to increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration in oceans limits the ability of sharks to detect the smell of food, according to a recent study published in the journal Global Change Biology.

In pools with concentrations that simulate acidity levels expected by the end of the century-due to climate change, sharks spent less than 15% of their time looking for prey, in contrast to over 60% of those in pools without treatment.

Sharks are like noses swimmers, so the chemical signals are really important to them in terms of foraging

The World Meteorological Organization has just published its annual newsletter that greenhouse gases in 2013 reached record highs. These gases have a cumulative effect on ocean acidification.

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This photo was taken by Peri Paleracio, in the Philippines. The whale shark was found by a scuba diver, still alive and trying to swim. Its pectoral and ventral fins were cut off by poachers who sell shark fins at a premium for the Chinese delicacy, shark fin soup. Locals, with the help of local government, pulled the still-struggling shark to shore where it died the next day. Here a local woman mourns its miserable fate.

This photo was named “most compelling image” of 2010 in honor of the UN’s International Year of Biodiversity.

This is not just something caused by Chinese fishermen, it is a global problem. Shark Fin soup is sold all over the world, even in the UK. 

Please support the fight against shark finning. 
* Spread the word.
* Share photos and stories such as this.
* Sign petitions. This one is petitioning the UN for a worldwide ban on shark finning:
* Write to local restaurants serving the dish: Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation have a celebrity-signed template letter and map listing restaurants in the UK selling shark fin soup. Find them here:

Most of these things can be done with such minimal effort, just a few seconds, or few minutes, of your time. Collectively our voices DO make a difference. Countries and cities have successfully implemented bans on the sale of shark fin products as a result of individuals coming together to make a stink about it.

Nudi x

(shared with the photographer’s permission)

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Russia, Stop Wild Orca Captures! - The Petition Site

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