Cymatium lotorium

…is a species of triton (Ranellidae) which is widely distributed throughout the Indo-Pacific oceans. Like other tritons Cymantium lotorium is a predator and will feed on echinoderms and other molluscs by gripping them with its muscular foot and using its radula to saw through their hard shells/skin. Once it has finished “drilling” it will inject a paralyzing saliva into the prey which subdues the prey allowing C. lotorium to feed at its leisure. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Caenogastropoda-Hypsogastropoda-Littorinimorpha-Tonnoidea-Ranellidae-Ranellinae-Cymatium-C. lotorium

Image: George Chernilvsky 

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Mae (by Wacam)

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photo by Jo-Anne McArthur

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Polar Bear Shaking The Snow Off by Steve Perry

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_MG_2705.jpg by Stein Arne Jensen on Flickr.


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